Jobs You Can Do Online

More and more Filipinos are hoping to find online jobs. It could be a mother who cannot find a reliable nanny or the one who simply wants to be a hands-on mom. It could be a father who no longer wants to miss out a major event in his child's life. It could be a student who needs to earn money to finish his degree. It could be anyone who wants more freedom or someone who no longer wants to deal with heavy traffic.

There's no age specification for anyone who wants to work from home. You don't need to have titles and usually, you do not even need a degree. What is important is you have the skill, the technology and willingness to take risk.

Skill is a big factor to become a successful freelancer. Therefore, improving your skill is highly recommended. Master one skill you're really passionate about and learn more skills as you go along. Know that technology is constantly changing and you need to continue learning to keep up with the trend.

In this post, we are listing various jobs you can do online at the comfort of your home (or hotel room when you're traveling).

Social Media Manager

With the popularity of social media all over the world, almost everyone are in it. Hence, it makes sense for companies to use it to reach their target audience and eventually increase sales.

A social media manager is the one tasked to post updates regularly, respond to queries and handle complaints. One important skill a social media manager needs to have is the ability to create witty, interesting or funny captions in order to capture the attention of users.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant, but online. Its tasks varies depending on the client's needs. Usually, a VA is tasked to manage the client's schedule, follow up calls or emails, set up appointment and the likes. Some clients even trust their VA's enough to let them handle their email account.

Customer Service

Customer service job could either be voice or non-voice. With voice, you'd be making calls to offer your products/sservices (outbound) or accepting calls to handle customer complaints or issues (inbound). Non-voice, on the other hand, could either be email or chat support, or both.

Customer service jobs are usually graveyard shift and the schedule is fixed.


The webmaster is the one who manages the client's website. The tasks include installing/updating plugins and themes, posting content, managing comments and some other activities to make sure the site is running smoothly.

Basic knowledge in Wordpress, HTML, and FTP is usually required for this job.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To reach more audience and potential customers, a site needs to be in the first page of search engines for their chosen keyword/s. To achieve this, the site needs to rank well in SEO.

The person in charge of the SEO needs to have a detailed plan and effective strategy on how to achieve such ranking.

Graphics Designer

A website isn't complete without graphics or images. The job of the graphics designer is to make the site look more attractive. Contents for social media are also made by the graphics designer.

Knowledge in Photoshop, Canva and other image editing software is required.

Web Designer

As the name implies, the web designer designs the website look. It is the designer's job to make sure the website is not only appealing but functional as well. The designer creates mock ups (design layouts) for developers to implement.

Web Developer/Programmer

While the designer is in charge of the aesthetics, the developer is in charge of the site's structure and databases. This job requires higher technical skill and most clients hire workers with experience.

Content Writer

Those who are passionate about writing can earn a living by becoming a content writer. Its job is create content and articles to be posted on the client's website. A writer can also sell its write ups online or find writing jobs from sites like iWriter.


Some companies hire bloggers to manage their site's blog. The tasks usually include creating content, posting them and get the word out that a new post has just been published.

One great thing about being a blogger is you don't need a client to be one. You can create your own blog about something you're passionate about and earn through ads. Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars per months but it takes a lot of effort and time to get there. You can start by having it as a sideline and when income starts to come, you can increase your time working on your blog until it becomes profitable enough to become your fulltime job.

English Teacher

Being the most widely-used language in the world, many people whoe English is not their first language spend money in order to master it. Enrolleed are usually students who will be studying abroad or children who are spending their school breaks abroad.

Filipinos who are English teachers online usually have Korean and Chinese nationals for their students.

Product Lister

Being a product lister doesn't mean working on the inventory alone. You also need to be skilled enough to create great product description. Some clients require experience on Amazon and Shopify but there are some who accept those without experience and train them to do the job.

Project Management

Big companies hire a team to make their operation run smoothly. They hire a project manager so they will be dealing with only one or few people. The project manager will then help the client hire people to join the team (if there is none already). S/he will also be the one to oversee that everything is working smoothly and the projects are done correctly and on time.

The internet is a great place for nice opportunities for anyone who knows what to look for and where to look for it. Sadly, it is also a place where rampant scamming takes place. Be really cautious about the jobs you are getting into. Join local support groups such as Filipina Homebased Moms or FHMOMS (for moms only, obviously) and Homebased Filipino Community Members of these groups can help you gain insight on how to identify scams from legit jobs. You can even ask questions about a particular company, client, hiring process, and so on.

If you believe you can do one (or more!) of the jobs listed above, then don't hesitate to try your luck. Send that application and show them what you got!

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