Review: Skin Genie Bye-bye Bush

Unwanted hair, along with chicken skin, has always been my issue for as long as I can remember. For my underarms, I've tried various hair removal products and tools including epilator in the hopes of finding my holy grail in this area.

For the longest time, I used Nanny Rose' Queen Bee Sticks and Pulls All Natural Hair Remover but it's no longer ideal for me as I find it a bit tedious to use considering my schedule as a hands-on work-at-home mama of a 3-year old hyperactive boy. Nanny Rose' Hair Remover requires heating and then washing the cloth strips after and I don't have the luxury of time for it now. Hence I looked for other products that doesn't require heating, not that messy to use and easy to clean up after.

Skin Genie Bye-bye Bush is one of the hair removing products I have tried recently.


An all-natural hair removal wax for smooth and fuzz-free skin


Packaging and Appearance. The product comes in a white tub with screw-type lid. The color of the wax is reminiscent of cotton candy - pink and purple. Like other sugar wax, this one needs to be kneaded in order to become effective in removing unwanted hair. However, I find this wax hard to work with even in an air-conditioned room which is recommended in the instructions. It tends to melt even though I only stretched and kneaded it for a short time. I ended up having a gooey wax that sticks to the skin.

Effectiveness. This product is effective in removing unwanted hair, but only after a short while. Like what I've said above, I find this wax hard to work with as it tends to melt easily. Hence, I ended up using way more as I needed to get fresh wax to change the kneaded one that isn't working great anymore.

Scent. The product smells sweet and it makes me wonder if it tastes sweet too. 😄

Ingredients. Skin Genie Bye-bye Bush contains natural ingredients so it's safe to use.

Price. This 200g-tub costs Php 150.

Availability. This product is not readily-available in my area thus I needed to order online. I got mine from BeautyMNL but I think it's also available in Shopee.


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Will I purchase again?




  • It is effective in removing unwanted hair, until it becomes gooey.
  • Price is affordable.
  • It contains natural ingredients hence gentle on the skin.


  • It requires room to be air-conditioned so the wax will be easier to work with and not melt easily. But even so, I still find it hard to work with.
  • I ended up using more product as I keep getting a fresh spoonful to change the wax even just after a short while.


Skin Genie Bye-bye Bush Wax is not for me. I can't wait to finish the rest of the product so I can buy a different brand.

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