Great Week-ender

I love Fridays! I always feel ecstatic and restless every time this day comes. Even if it is still a working day (unless otherwise declared by the government or the company), it is my favorite because for me, it signifies a better tomorrow, literally. Who doesn't love weekends by the way? In addition, Friday also gives me the opportunity to wake up a bit late especially if I wasn't late in going to work from Monday to Thursday (three lates in a week is subject for investigation and sanction in our company). Unlike other working days, I can sleep as late as I can during Friday nights and can wake up as late as I can too the next day.

And what is better way to end the day than some positive remarks from your boss? This skype conversation of me and my client really made my day. I find these conversations really uplifting and motivating. It feels good to have a boss who treats you not just as someone on his payroll but also a friend... a daughter.

This weekend is gonna be busy for me because it is the feast day of Sta. Rita de Cascia, one of my mom's favorite saints and also the patron saint of the area where I grew up so definitely I'll be spending the day there. It is also my niece 3rd birthday so I might join her party as well. Sunday is bonding time with my friends.

Now I need to finish some tasks before finally saying, "Happy Friday everyone!"

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