My Happiness

I'll be celebrating my 24th birthday in the next few days so I'm thinking of giving myself tribute in the form of blog posts about myself. My first birthday-related post is about happiness.

I'm a naturally happy person but sad to say, many people often label me as snob, bitchy and intimidating. Well maybe if they only know what makes me happy, they'll not think of me as such. That explains why I'm enumerating here the things that can really paint a smile on my face...
  • Being with my family and knowing that they are all okay.
  • Waking up in the morning without having to worry that I'll be late for work.
  • Talking (or listening to them talk) to my naughty and inquisitive nephews and nieces.
  • My mother's tasty dishes like estofado, creamy chicken macaroni soup, valenciana and a lot more. (might make a separate post about it)
  • Looking at old photographs.
  • Hanging out with my hilarious friends.
  • Getting positive feedbacks from my boss.
  • Eating fruits - apple, guyabano, pineapple and more. I love fruits!
  • Biking, running... being sweaty!
  • Long night walks
  • Nature-tripping
  • Newly changed bed sheet, pillow cases and blanket.
  • The smell of newly trimmed grass.
  • The smell of rice plants being harvested.
  • Good books
  • Not slacking
  • Clean toenails
  • Shoes with super comfortable insoles (Good for me because I self-diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis) :P
  • Carpeted floor (so that I can walk barefoot)
  • My social networking accounts and this blog.
  • Gummy candies
  • Mirrors
  • Sunnies
Pretty lame list but what can I do? Those things are making me happy. As what we, Filipinos, say, "mababaw ang kaligayahan".

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