Walking in Comfort

I was at the mall with my mom earlier today when I remembered that I need to buy a new beige foot cover because my old one is already worn out. I went to look for the type/brand I used to buy but to no avail. The need to try something else kicked in so I decided to look for other brands. The sales lady handed me a pair from a brand I have not even heard of until today and when I opened to see it... oh boy I was amazed. It has sole cushion and small massaging circles in the ankle area for added comfort. Plus, it is super low-cut so I'm sure it wouldn't be visible when I wear my flats.

This type is perfect for me since my feet are always painful every time I am not wearing socks.

I have been using foot socks throughout my college life but I haven't seen one like this. Maybe this type has been here all along but I just haven't noticed because my taste is set to something else. Can't wait to wear this soon!

(the round patch of cloth is the sole cushion)

(small massaging circles in the ankle)

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