One Question and An Answer

Just when I'm all set to start doing my task early this morning, a chat message window pops up on my screen all of a sudden - it's from a guy on the workstation far away from mine. :P Knowing him, I thought what he sent me are links to goofy videos or images. But the videos aren't what I thought them to be. They are actually interesting videos that can make you think of what will be your answer when asked with the same question, "where do you wanna wake up tomorrow?"

Fifty People, One Question: London

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn

Before watching the videos, I have nothing in mind as to what I wanna see the moment I opened my eyes after a good night's sleep. But after watching and a few hours of contemplating, there is one thing that keeps coming back on my mind - to wake up in a room with wide windows overlooking the sea. As I open the window to let the sunshine in, fresh air come rushing making me feel free and alive. Breakfast should be waiting for me either on the porch or by the seashore. While I wouldn’t mind eating alone, it would be more fun if I'd be sharing it with people close to my heart. Eating breakfast at the beach and spending time with someone you love to talk to is I think one of the most relaxing moments in the world.

So to sum it all up, combination of beach, food and good company... That's what I want!

Thanks to that guy for sharing... :P

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