4D Puzzle: A Love at First Sight

Today is supposed to be my rest day since I wasn't able to rest yesterday for various reasons. But since this day's activity has been planned a few days ago, I gladly joined my family for some kiddie bonding. After the bump cars adventures, rides, foods and other kiddie activities, we went to Toy Kingdom to look for that remote control helicopter my cousin promised his kid.

While there, I look around hoping that I can find some nice stress balls for myself and my office buddy (a promise I made him ages ago). I was a bit disappointed for not finding a single stress ball in there but then something on the glass display caught my attention - miniature animals and other figures like the toys my nephews are playing. At closer look, the toys are not traditional figurines but are actually 3D puzzle building blocks. One toy is consist of multiple parts to form a figurine. According to their website, the toys are called 4D because they are 3 "D" imensions + "D" etails. They were created around 1998 but I only learned about them just now. :D

I know this type of toy is not only fun but mentally challenging as well. Puzzle in 4D... cool, right? I want to get one but then I promised that I will not use my card on unnecessary purchases so those dragons have to wait.

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