Six Months and Counting

It's exactly six months ago today since my brother's death. But for me, it was only like yesterday when I cried out loud in the hospital's emergency room. Even the words of my uncle informing me that he's gone are still ringing in my ears.

Six months ago, I was a very lonely and pained soul. I can't talk without crying... I was wishing that everything is just a dream and when I wake up the next day, I'll see my brother sleeping in his bed. But alas! Even if I close my eyes and try to sleep, all I can see is his face while trying to make myself believe that he is forever gone. Those were the days when I think of just crying for the rest of my life.

Six months after... I'm still the pained soul who cries from time to time when the memories remind me of how painful it is to lose someone. But thankfully, I'm no longer a lonely soul. I've found my way back to my old cheery self... thanks to family and friends who show me so much love. I realized that grieving over someone's death is little less painful when family and friends are around to help.

Now if only there is a way for me to find out that he is happy... :D

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