A Photo A Week - Birthday

Due to lack of post on my personal blog and a client's task, I went on blog hopping the other day. I came across lots of nice blogs thus inspired me to make a weekly post about the highlight of my week. I just hope that I'll be able to post consistently. Laziness go away!

My family has been looking forward for this week since one family member's birthday falls on this week. The birthday celebrant is no other than my nephew John Robert. If the kid isn't special to me, this wouldn't be the highlight of my week. I would probably post something about my boyfriend's return from one-week Malaysia-Singapore tour and our 6th monthsary as a couple. :D But then, this kid and this year's birthday is so special so he just deserves to be the subject of my first "a photo a week" post.

So what made this kid really special? Well, by coming into our lives, he changed my views about children. I used to hate kids because most of them are naughty and annoying brats. They never listen and would instead cry if they can't have what they wanted. They vandalize the walls, throw away and destroy whatever their little hands can get and most of all, they are more likely to poop and pee in unacceptable places if they don't have their diapers on. Such a hassle!

This little kid was entrusted to my mother when he was probably only a couple of months old since both his mother and father works abroad that time. With this, I was given the opportunity to discover how amazing life can be when you spend it with children. We spend many sleepless nights when he is sick, I experienced waking up in the middle of the night to prepare his milk and experience what it feels to give him a bath or wash him after using the toilet. It is really hard to do those tasks considering that I am a lazy and sleepy-head. But despite that, I never regretted doing those things because the reward is really worthwhile - the loyalty and unconditional love of a child.

Aside from my mother, he is probably the only person I'm sure devoted to me. When he was younger, he would cry his heart out each time I leave home for work. When I suffered from chickenpox and needs to be isolated from him, he keeps on banging the door to my bedroom so that I will let him in. He would never allow anyone, even my brother, to come near me, hug me or take me away from him. He gives me flowers he picked from his grandmother's flower pots. He leaves drawings and notes for me on my computer table or closet door. His kind gestures always made me really happy despite a stressful day.

Though he is not from me, I always see the need to care and love him just like a mother to her own child. Yay! He triggered the mother instinct in me. I am happy and thrilled to see him doing well in school and I get sick of worry when something is not going well with him.

Last year, he wasn't able to celebrate his birthday the way he wanted because of my brother's death. He agreed that the money intended for his birthday be spent on the expenses for my brother's wake. Such sweet kid! So this year, we decided to give him really special. Last Thursday, he celebrated in school and then yesterday (Saturday), his actual birthday, we celebrated with the family. Hosting a party, even a small one can really be tiresome but when you see his smile and the spark in his eyes, it'll surely warm your heart. The effort is so worthwhile.

 Slicing his cake. Please bear with this unedited pic because I am too lazy (a.k.a not talented enough) to enhance pictures. :D

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