Review: Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Facial Moisturizer

I have been seeing this product almost everywhere. I mean when you go to health and beauty section of malls, you will see this in the face care section, in sun care section, hot products section... almost everywhere. I have been considering buying this, so days before I use up my Myra Daily Sun Protect moisturizer, I bought this with high hopes.

Celeteque facial moisturizer comes in white tube with orange band accent and the text colors are either blue or white. Its white flip top cover makes this product easy to use.

This is a cream moisturizer with a very light scent although the product claims to be fragrance-free.

Product Description:
It combines optimum hydration and UVA/UVB protection to help prevent the skin from dryness and damage from daily sun exposure. Effective moisturizers help keep skin hydrated, smooth and supple.


What I like about this product:
One thing that made me decide to buy this one is its ability to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. It has sun protection factor (SPF) 15 which I think is enough for me since I am only out in the under sun around a couple of hours every day. Additionally, it also claims to be non-comedogenic so less worry about blocking my pores thus increase my blackheads and aggravate my large pores issues.

This moisturizer dries quickly too.

What I do not like about this product:
While this product dries quickly you have to be very quick when applying in order to spread the cream evenly on the face. But that is not the only thing that turned me off this product. It made my oily skin very oily. I know that cream-based products are not really of big help when it comes to reducing oil on the face but I don’t have experience such as this with other cream-based products. A couple of hours after application, I notice my face starts to look oily, not dewy. An hour more and surely the oil my face produced can be used to fry an egg. With this moisturizer, I need to blot my face every hour or so to reduce oil. While it claims to make my skin hydrated, it over hydrated my skin instead.

Will I repurchase?
I wanted this product to work way better than Myra considering that it costs twice as much. But unfortunately for me, Celeteque Sun Care facial moisturizer is not worth the price. Perhaps if I have super dry skin, this might work.

Additional tips:
I learned that applying thinly (as in super thin) might lessen the oil.


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