Review: L’oreal Turntable Eyes Quad Eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow quad along with other items during my latest eBay haul here. What made me decide to choose this quad “in-the-mix” are the colors pink and purple which I do not have yet. My fondness for makeup has just returned after many years of sporting a colorless face thus explains why I do not have enviable makeup collection right now.

Anyways, back to the review, this quad has two pastel colors; pink and purple and two neutral colors brown and light taupe. The pan for neutral colors light taupe and brown are smaller than the pan for colors pink and purple. The four pans are encased in a transparent hard plastic packaging. The outer portion of the top cover bears the brand name "L'Oreal" in silver text with light gray music notes accent at the right side of the brand name. This quad comes with one one-sided sponge applicator with transparent handle.


What I like about this product:
I like the pastel colors pink and purple... Well, they are the reasons why I got this product in the first place. The colors are sheer with a bit of shimmer and no matter how much you put on, it will never give you that solid or deep hue. As such, I only use them as base or highlighter along with a deeper shade if I want my eyes to pop. However on those days when I just wanted a hint of color, I settle for any of the two colors in this quad.

taupe - purple - brown - pink

taupe - purple - brown - pink
What I like most about this product is the formulation. It is not dirty or messy... I mean, not powdery. No matter how much you dab the sponge on the eyeshadows, you will never see powdery substance scattering around the pan. You will rarely, if never, see some powder falling off your lashes too. I think they are finely crafted to give that flawless finish.

With eyeshadow primer, the color could last for up to four hours. The eyeshadows don't have unpleasant smell too.

Not elegant or stylish looking but I actually like this quad's packaging. The transparent plastic packaging with gray and silver accent gives that clean appearance. You can grab the product from your stash without the need to open it or read labels to see the colors. Additionally, the light gray music notes printed on the outer portion of the top cover adds fun to this otherwise bare packaging.

What I do not like about this product:
Since the colors are too sheer, I find this hard to apply at times. It takes a lot of product in order to get the desired shade. When used on their own (without other pigmented eyeshadows), you can see that the color starts to fade when the end of the day is nearing. I wish that the staying power will last for more than five hours so that it won't be necessary to re-apply when I'm working or out all day.

Will I repurchase?
Probably no. There are many eye shadows to try out there.


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