Review: Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

If you have read some of my posts particularly about skin care, you probably know that my two major problems are oily skin and large pores with blackheads. I have tried a few products to get rid of such unsightly blackheads and at least lessen the size of my pores but nothing has worked so far or should I say, nothing worked in the way I wanted a product to work. I know, there is no permanent cure for large pores but I believe that effective products and good skin care routine can at least reduce the problem. That is why I am in constant search for the best products to eliminate blackheads and reduce the size of my pores – from facial wash, toner to nose patch.

I came across a blog post about Etude House’ nose patch (the one with pink packaging). Given that it’s from Etude House, I somehow had high hopes regarding this product. I went to Etude House to get this product but then, I can’t find that nose patch in pink packaging. I asked the sales girl and she gave me this Black Head Remover Dual Sheet.

Dual sheet because the package contains two sheets: the black heads remover sheet and tightening gel sheet. Seeing this, I sort of feel amazed for finally coming across a product that will not only clean my pores but will also help tighten them.

Etude House Black Head remover Dual Sheet comes in yellow packaging with partition in the center to separate the black head remover sheet from the tightening gel sheet. Since this is a Korean product, the instructions and labels are both in Korean and English.

I was expecting that the black head remover sheet would look like cloth strips similar to that of wax strips but it’s not. The sheet is a cottony cloth that is more likely to tear when pulled. And like wax strips and black head remover creams (iWhite), I expected this product to stick to the skin tightly. But then again, I was wrong! For me it feels more like a strip of wet tissue paper attached to my nose. The tightening gel sheet on the other hand is a thin gel-like material in which the shape is the same as the black head remover sheet. This isn’t as flimsy as the black head remover sheet though.

Product Description:
Two-stage black head removal and care system formulated with fruit and herbal extracts.


What I like about this product:
It is never hard to find this product or any other Etude House products since there is already an Etude House outlet in one of the malls in our city. I also like the small pink paper which is used as shopping bag for the items bought.

What I do not like about this product:
Unfortunately, there are many things I do not like about this product. Etude House Dual Sheet Black Head Remover didn’t work for me! When I removed the black head remover sheet from my face after 15 minutes, I didn’t see anything on the sheet indicating that it has removed a single black head. And when I checked the mirror, surely there isn’t any improvement. My unsightly black heads are still there! I followed the instruction the best way I can and even followed the suggestion to steam the face before putting on the black head remover sheet.

I was disappointed but I still went on with the procedure and placed the tightening gel sheet on the same area to see how it works. A few seconds after the gel sheet touched my nose, I felt a tingling sensation but it vanished after a few more seconds. It has a minty scent in which I find soothing to the skin. I waited for another 15 minutes and when I removed the gel sheet and checked my face on the mirror; I cringed with what I saw. Not that it caused any redness or whatsoever but it caused nothing. The only evidence that a tightening gel sheet was placed on my nose is the tingling sensation and minty feeling on the skin. Black heads are still there and the pores are still as large as ever. This product made no difference!

I was so disappointed and I regret buying this.

Will I repurchase?
Absolutely no! This product is for single use only and it costs Php 79. There are many black head patch remover out there that are cheaper and probably more effective than this.



  1. Uhhmmm.. this one's effective for me.. i bought this one time and tried it for the first time.. well my nose is kinda rough and so many white and blackheads. i used he first patch, it lessen my blackheads, and it becomes clear.. (that's when i freshly removed the first patch). then next is the second patch which is the thin-like gel. i like the feeling when i put it on my nose. then i waited for 15 minutes, and when i removed it, i see just few blackheads and a little whiteheads on my nose. which means, there is somehow improvement when i used it. my nose became smoother than before. but, a few minutes/hours later (after i've done the instructions) the blackheads became visible again. :( but just feww... and 3 days after i used it, my nose became rough again and whiteheads are starting to grow again so i have to use it again. now i bought 5 pcs of that blackhead remover. i guess its kinda effective than other blackhead remover and facial wash...

  2. @ading
    Thanks for the comment. Good to know that this one works for you. What other blackhead remover products and facial washes have you tried before? :)

  3. Yep. Yung iWhite, ponds ang kung ano ano pang nilalagay na mask. none of them works. And I am using this [etude] blackhead remover now. ^^
    oh and btw, to make things better, i am using this blackhead remover tool for better results. i looks like this.

    after i remove the first patch (first step), tinatanggal ko agad yung mga nakalabas na white/blackheads by using that tool. kasi medyo loosen na yung pores kaya sobrang dali na syang tanggalin. and after ko matanggal yung white/blackheads, sinusunod ko na yung patch 2. ^^ finish! nawawala naman sya. :>
    hmm.. you said it's not effective for you.. but what are you using right now? ok na ba blackheads mo?

  4. I have tried iWhite and Ponds too. Na disappoint talaga ako sa Ponds volcanic clay. Wala talagang effect buti pa iWhite kahit papanu may natanggal na blackheads. haha!

    Oh I have that blackhead remover tool too. I haven't thought of using that after I removed the 1st patch. LOL! My blackheads have lessened a bit. Once a week, I steam my face for like five minutes to soften the blackheads and manually remove them using the blackhead remover tool. I use Cyleina Black Pearl soap twice everyday and nivea visage deep pore control toner.

  5. Yeah Right! Yung Ponds volcanic clay and Ponds Carbon Facial wash. Naah. Not a Single Blackhead. -_-

    Try using blackhead remover dual sheet again and use the b. remover tool, :D naah. Just kiddin' :))
    damn, it's so expensive. :| pag naglagay ka ngayon, uulitin mo nanaman sa pangatlong araw kasi may lalabas nanaman na black and white heads. So, gagamit ka nun 2x a week. ~_~ ang bilis bumalik eh.

    Good to hear na nababawasan na ang blackhead mo :)
    btw, ano yung Cyleina Black Pearl soap? para saan yun? ?_?

  6. Nano-Cleanse are the ultimate acne-fighting and blackhead eliminating champion. The Nano-Cleanse formula is a blend of prescription-strength medications, the top 10 super foods and a combination of moisturizers that eliminates all types of acne including stubborn blackheads.
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  7. @ading

    Using the etude blackhead remover every three days can be really expensive. That's why I resort to home remedy (steaming).. hehe! Then I use St. Ives facial scrub na lang once or twice a week and if I have time, nagpapa-facial nlg talaga. I want to try other facial scrubs nga rin eh..

    Black Pearl soap is an organic that claims to exfoliate skin and whiten dark spots. So far hiyang nman ako dun although it's not specifically for blackheads. Here's the site:

    @Simon Ritz
    Thanks for the comment. I haven't heard of that before. Is it available in the Philippines? :D

  8. I think we were not able to follow the instructions. Try reading this: