Met Gala 2012 Wedding Dress Inspiration

No, I'm not getting married anytime soon but if opportunity allows someday, I would love to walk the aisle wearing something like these gowns.

I would love to walk the aisle wearing a lacey beautiful gown. Actually, I am always on the lookout for wedding gown inspiration and this one is close to what I really wanted. I love the upper portion of the gown especially the bodice, short sleeves and the see through neckline.

The color of the gown which Leighton wore is not really flattering on her especially with her tan, but for me it's still a knockout!

Another wedding dress potential! LOL! But then, I don't think the white or off-white version of this gown would look as good as this. While I have nothing against Scarlet's look, I think she would have looked more stunning in this gown if her hair is in up do or something neat-looking.

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