A Photo A Week: Anja Rubik at Met Gala 2012

photo credit: OMG!
I gasped when I saw this picture of Anja Rubik taken during the Met Gala 2012. I have nothing against skimpy and flesh-baring skin but I think this one is simply over the top. Hip-high slit! Seriously?! I find this dress crazy for two reasons. One, her hipbone, that could possibly slice anything it comes in contact with, is protruding out of the slit. Skin and bones... I think the ensemble would look way better without that gross hipbone. Two, the dress is surely a magnet of wardrobe malfunction. A tiny wrong move and surely the pics and videos of her would scatter like wildfire. Good thing the magic tape or whatever she used to keep the dress in place is dependable enough. But then, if she (and the gown maker) is after the publicity, then she definitely had succeeded in making herself heard.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to don this outfit in front of hundreds if not thousands of people watching. And this lady has pulled it off! But I wish she knows that eating a little more than she usually eats is not bad.

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