Review: Rimmel London Hydrasense Flawless Concealer

I wasn’t so conscious about my dark spots and blemish back then. But I got tired of seeing my uneven skin tone thus I decided that it’s about time to start using the ever helpful concealer. I bought Rimmel London Hydrasense along with the other products from this haul from an eBay seller jnlink.

The item arrived to me in a sealed tube similar to that of a lip gloss with wand. The body of the tube is transparent while the handle of the wand/applicator is black. It comes with a sponge applicator similar to lip gloss also.

I got medium beige since other shades the seller has are either too dark or too light for me

Product Description:
Conceals skin imperfections and dark circles. With natural extracts to smoothen and moisturise skin.


What I like about this product:
I love that this product comes with an applicator. It avoids mess since I never have to use my hands to apply. I only use brush to even out my application and achieve that flawless finish. It is easy to blend and matches almost many foundation or pressed powder shades. It didn’t cake even after being on the run and staying outdoors for hours. It isn’t drying either.

 The medium beige shade I got is perfect for my not-so-fair Filipina skin.

What I do not like about this product:
I am not sure if it is just me or what but I do not really like the smell of this concealer. It reminds me of granny’s oil and some of her skin care products.

Though I love that this product has applicator, the said applicator is kind of disappointment. The sponge at the end of the wand tore off after a few applications. Right now, there is no more sponge brush at the end of the wand therefore making application inconvenient.

Formula-wise, I like that it has natural extracts that smoothens and moisturizes skin. (Oh could it be that the horrible smell is caused by natural extracts? The smell is almost like the mineral lip gloss I have. I don’t know! LOL!)

Will I repurchase?
Maybe! So far I like how this concealer works.


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