A Photo A Week: Heart Origami

My man and I are not big on material gifts. As a gift to each other, we would rather spend quality time together; eating, traveling, watch movie and other fun activities than stress ourselves looking for material gifts.

On our second anniversary last month, he gifted me with an out of town trip while I treated him to a table top buffet dinner at Emilion. :D Aside from that, I also gave him these:

Double-sided heart origami!

Having an artist for a boyfriend can be quite challenging. Though he said he appreciates every gesture I do, I always force myself to come up with creative ideas to match his (hindi papatalo!).

Good thing my origami project in kindergarten came into my mind. I remember creating paper wallets, piano, boats and many others but I cannot remember if we ever created a heart much more remember how to do it. Naturally, I asked Big G for help.

There are lots of heart origami variations but this one is simply what I needed. Since it is double-sided, it looks polish on both sides and most of all, I can write something inside. I cut three pages of Paris-themed notebook I bought few weeks back and made three double-sided hearts. I unfolded the three hearts, wrote my mushy love letter, folded them back again and printed “i love you”, one word in each heart (both sides) to determine the sequence of the letter. I laid the three hearts while he is away and when he went back to me, they’re there waiting for him. LOL!

I know writing and folding papers aren’t the best talent in the world and this origami gift isn’t much compared to his drawing but I did it with sincerity and love so I think that makes these three pieces of paper valuable.

If you want to create your own heart origami, here is the link to the instruction.

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