Let’s Move & Let’s Love

Love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is another story. Both parties need to do their part in order to make the relationship work and prevent love from jumping out of the window. Each one needs to make an effort to show how s/he really feels towards the other.
Double-sided heart origami love letter I gave him.
Buying material gifts or saying "I love you" every day are not enough to show love and devotion to a person. Love is best shown through actions thus my relationship mantra "action speaks louder than words". With this, I commit to do gestures of love rather than give empty promises and speak about it then do nothing. This commitment means I have to show up at the important events in his life, consider his situation and broaden my mind as to how my decisions will affect him and our relationship and just be there when he needed me the most. This commitment also involves gestures as simple as sending him homemade sandwiches and other goodies, leaving him little notes of encouragement, accompanying him to the movies or concerts even if the genre is not my cup of tea and even as simple as saying a little prayer for him the moment I open my eyes and before I doze off at night.

So yes, I commit to loving my partner in thoughts, words and deeds - commitment which I think is the foundation of a strong relationship.

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