Review: Lactacyd Baby Bath (as facial wash)

If you have read my previous post, you are aware of my struggle with pimples for weeks. You are aware that I almost called a dermatologist to schedule an appointment since I am getting frustrated with my skin problem. But before I call the derma’s clinic, I decided to try this last recourse - the Lactacyd baby bath my cousin in law suggested. She uses this product when her pimples start to appear and according to her, the pimples are almost healed within three days of use. And besides, this product is widely used by mothers for their babies so I’m pretty convinced that it will do me no harm.

I have been using this as facial wash for more than two weeks already so I think it is ok to review this product now.

Product Description:

Packaging and Appeal. The packaging of this product is nothing fancy. It comes in a white bottle that is a bit hourglass-shaped. The blue font used for the label and product information is simple and there is no pretty illustration or whatsoever. As far as I can recall, this has been the product’s packaging for years.

The product itself is as simple as its packaging. I think the best description I can give this baby bath is “cloudy liquid in a small bottle”. I remember when I was young, maybe pre-school; I got so frustrated thinking that what I dropped into my palm is just water.

Effectiveness. This product saved me from a great deal of frustration. After three days of use, I noticed that it prevents my pimples from getting worse and on the 7th day, they are almost healed and have started to lighten. I love that this product is so light on the skin. It doesn’t cause tingling or burning sensation nor does it trigger redness or itchiness. Lactacyd baby bath doesn’t lather rich but bear in mind that around a teaspoonful is what you will only need when washing your face.

Two weeks after my first use, I still have pimples but I this product has been really helpful. I think this product can only help heal existing pimples but less potent in preventing it from coming. But then again, the cause of my pimples is unknown, could be hormonal, so I cannot be totally pimple-free unless I seek medical advice.

Also, this product when used as facial wash can cause dry skin so better moisturize after washing.

Scent. I love… I mean… LOVE the scent of this product. Given that my family is using this when washing the babies, it sort of made me associate the scent of this to babies. Hence each time I use this, I feel like a baby too! :D

Ingredients. Lactacyd baby bath has two fundamental components, lactic acid and lactoserum. The former contributes to skin acidity and protects the skin while the former assists the skin regeneration and amplifies the beneficial effect of lactic acid. Together, the two ingredients make ideal skin cleanser as it cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly while conserving the physiological pH of the skin.

Price. The 60 mL bottle costs around Php 60, the 150 ml costs around Php 120 and the biggest which is 250 ml costs Php 168.00.

Availability. Lactacyd baby bath is available in most drugstores and grocery stores nationwide.

Aspects Rating
Packaging 3.5/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Scent 5/5
Ingredients 4/5
Price 3.5/5
Availability 4/5
Overall Rating 4/5

Would I buy this product again?

The appearance of pimples doesn’t mean a person is unhygienic since there are various causes of pimples. It could be because of the food we eat, stress, lack of sleep, hormones or allergic reaction to a particular product. So if this product works for me, it is not guaranteed that it will work for you since we may have different causes as well as different skin types and needs. Also, when trying out a new product for the first time, give it a few days trial time. Results may not always be derived right after you use a product. They are skin care products, not magic wands or Photoshop. :D

As for me, since pimples still appear more frequent than before, I still consider going to a dermatologist or someone who can enlighten me about hormonal issues. But that will have to wait until I get back from my trip to Palawan. However, if seawater can help treat my skin care problem (as what the bf believes or make me believe), then there is no need for doctor’s appointment. :D


  1. I've been using lactacyd too as my facial wash. I love the smell :)

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  3. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for reading my post.

    You can use it like your regular facial wash. It is effective in the prevention and treatment of MILD pimples but if it's gotten worse, I still suggest seeing a dermatologist. Hope this helps.

    1. I mean directed na ba siya sa skin? Or ilalagay pa sa water? Hahaha

  4. Hi that's true..I've been dealing with acne since two years ago. Ive been to dermatologist but it frustrates me even more..the results doesnt satisfies me.I used alot of different products.but it just worsen the problem.early this year i ask google for help i check for the comments below someone used the lactacyd as her facial wash and the result is i tried it,. It really works for me! It clears my skin..Now im satisfied with my facial care routine in the evening- i wash my face with Lactacyd Baby wash, after i put honey with lemon for 10-15mins,dn i moisturize with aloe vera gel overnight.. - at the morning i wash with Lactacyd baby wash dn i use nivea SPF 50 for face..that's all.I can say that after all the searching I have found the right products for me..

  5. I have had eczema for almost 2 months ago, I was frustrated trying a lot of products just to eliminate it. I used Lactacyd Baby Wash as my facial cleanser for a week it helped my skin soreness and dried out my cystic pimples.. then I apply a toner I used Apple Cider Vinegar + Water (equal parts), to balance the pH acidity of my skin. Lastly, I used Oils, Yes!! Oils.. essential oils. I used castor oil + coconut oil (equal parts) to moisturize my skin because Lactic acid and ACV (AHA) can cause mild dryness. This all helped me in the process.

  6. 2 weeks ko na tong ginagamit kaso namamantal ako, siguro nasobrahan ako dinulute ko naman sya sa tubing pero nadadamihan ata ....

    1. Try using just 3 to 4 drops of pure Lactacyd baby bath, don't dilute. It's enough to lather the whole face without drying or producing rashes. That's what I use for my face, it lessens my acne inflammation and my skin feels so soft like a baby!