Puerto Princesa Itinerary and Travel Expenses

I’m back from my three nights vacation in Puerto Princesa City Palawan. I love it there! Right now, it is my third favorite city in the country next to Iloilo (of course) and Davao City. There’s no time wasted while we were there. We only stayed in the pension house to freshen up and to sleep as there are lots of activities to enjoy and places to explore.

So without further ado (aka before the details slipped off my mind), I am sharing to you our itinerary of travel and expenses.


Day 1
07:45 am Depart from Iloilo International Airport
08:50 am Estimated time of arrival (Palawan Airport)
09:00 am Depart from airport to pension house
09:15 am Estimated time of arrival Audissie Pension House
09:15 am Leave baggage at pension house (Check in time is 12 noon)
09:30 am City Tour (Walked along Rizal Avenue, Palawan Museum, Provincial Capitol)
11:00 am Lunch at Noki Nocs
12:00 nn Back to pension house, check in and rest
02:00 pm City Tour via rented tricycle (Crocodile Wildlife and Conservation Center, Mitra Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Mercado de San Miguel (souvenir shop)
06:00 pm Baywalk (assemble for firefly watching)
06:45 pm Depart for firefly watching via motor boat
07:15 pm Estimated time of arrival near mangrove area
07:20 pm Transfer to smaller boat and depart for firefly watching
08:15 pm Estimated time of arrival at bigger boat
08:15 pm Dinner
08:45 pm Estimated time of departure going back to Baywalk
09:15 pm Estimated time of arrival at Baywalk
09:25 pm Estimated time of arrival at pension house

Day 2
08:00 am Breakfast at pension house
08:45 am Van pick up (Underground River Tour package)
09:00 am Departure
10:00 am Stop over at view deck (forgot the name)
10:10 am Travel to Ugong Rock
10:45 am Estimated time of arrival at Ugong Rock
10:45 am Adventures at Ugong Rock (caving, zipline)
12:00 nn Estimated time of arrival at Sabang port
Lunch at Penao Restaurant
12:45 pm Waiting time
01:15 pm Departure from Sabang via motor boat
01:35 pm Estimated time of arrival at UGR drop off point
02:00 pm Underground River Tour
03:00 pm Estimated time of arrival back to drop off point
03:00 pm Departure to Sabang port
03:20 pm Estimated time of arrival at Sabang port
03:30 pm Departure from Sabang Port back to Puerto Princesa City
05:30 pm Estimated time of arrival at Mercado de San Miguel
06:00 pm Back to pension house
Rest and get ready for dinner
08:00 pm Arrival at Ka Lui Seafood Restaurant
09:00 pm Travel back to pension house

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Day 3
07:45 am Breakfast at pension house
08:45 am Departure for Lourdes Wharf
09:15 am Estimated time of arrival at Lourdes Wharf
Arrange boats and others
09:30 am Departure from wharf
Passed by Cowrie Island
10:00 am Estimated time of arrival at Pandan Island
Order lunch
11:30 am Lunch
02:00 pm Departure from Pandan Island
Passed by Starfish Island, Pambato Reef
02:30 pm Arrival at Luli Island
03:00 pm Departure back to Lourdes Wharf
03:30 pm Estimated time of arrival at Lourdes Wharf
Travel back to Puerto Princesa City
04:00 pm Estimated time of arrival at Puerto Princesa City
Back to pension house
Get ready for next activity
05:00 pm Walked from pension house to Puerto Princesa Cathedral
Plaza Cuartel
06:00 pm Pension house
08:00 pm Dinner at Hap Chan
09:00 pm Back to pension house

Day 4
08:00 am Depart pension house
08:10 am Estimated time of arrival at Puerto Princesa airport
09:20 am Flight back to Iloilo
10:25 am Estimated time of arrival at Iloilo Internation Airport
Home Sweet Home


For our City tour, we rented a tricycle and did it on our own.

City Tour Amount
Palawan Museum 50
Palawan Wildlife & Conservation Center 40
Mitra Ranch Free
Baker's Hill Free
Plaza Cuartel Free
Palawan Cathedral Free
Tricycle Rent 600/2 = 300
TOTAL 390/pax

During our packaged Underground River Tour, we met a mother and son who are also from Iloilo and will be doing DIY Honda Bay Tour the same day as ours so we decided that we go together to save on tricycle and boat rental. 

Honda Bay Tour Amount
Tricycle Rent 700/4 = 175
Motor Boat Rent 1500/4 = 375
Environmental Fee 40
Pandan Island Entrance Fee 100
Cottage Rent 400/4 = 100
Luli Island Entrance Fee 60
TOTAL 850/pax

Summary of Expenses Amount
City Tour 390
Firefly Watching 1100
Underground River Tour 1500
Honda Bay Tour 850
Airfare (Iloilo-Puerto Princesa-Iloilo)450
Airport terminal fees300
Pension House 800 x 3 nights2400/2 = 1200
TOTAL 5790/pax

The computation doesn't include food since this vary depending on one's appetite and preferences. In our case, we spent about Php 1500 per pax on food and water for the whole trip. Could have been more if we didn't avail the packaged Underground River Tour and Firefly Watching.

So to sum it all up, we spent about Php 7300 per head for this trip. Pasalubong of course is optional.

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  1. Hello, I'd like to ask lang about Honday Bay tour, it's 850 if it's DIY? Kasi if I book it, it's around 1300 / pax huhu :( Is it easy to DIY? Sorry too many Q's. :)

  2. Hello thanks for the comment! It's not difficult to DIY at all. How many are you in the group? If there are more than four of you, most likely less than 850 ang magagastos. Our tricycle rent (good for 3 - 4) is 700 but you can get it for 500 or 600. I was just feeling generous at that time hence dinagdagan ko ang bayad. But you can always haggle. :D

    Sa motor boat, there's a smaller boat you can rent for 1300. I think it's good for 10 to 12 passengers but the 1300 rent is for 4 people only. If you are more than four, you have to pay extra.

    My 850 computation doesn't include food by the way. :)

  3. Hey, Palawan is really a lovely place!:D I also love that place, a paradise! The first time we visited it, we booked at Go Hotels Puerto Princesa and that was a great experience. Looking forward to our next visit.