DIY Honda Bay Tour

Are you sick of my Puerto Princesa posts? Sorry but your misery doesn’t end here as I still have a couple of Puerto Princesa posts after this. Our third day was dedicated to Honda Bay tour and I’m proud to say that the tour ended without a glitch though we did it on our own. Thanks to so many bloggers whose blogs gave important information and tips on how to DIY this tour. With this, it is just right that I return the favor and share what I experienced during our Honda Bay tour.

On our city tour during our first day, the pension house staff referred a Tourism-accredited tricycle to us. He is the same tricycle driver I asked to take us to Lourdes Wharf and back to the city in the afternoon. We wanted to leave the city as early as 7:00 am but the driver suggested that we’ll do fine even if we leave at 9:00 am since the wharf opens at 8:30 - 9:00.  But being such a worry-freak, I told him that we go at 8:30 to lessen the risk of issues concerning motor boats, permits and others.

Travel time from the city to Lourdes Wharf is around 25 - 30 minutes and when we get there, the wharf is indeed open and the lady manning the desk is entertaining Korean tourists. After finalizing the arrangement for them, she turned to us and discussed about the tour, boat rentals, islands to visit and others. We initially asked for a smaller boat since there are only four of us in the group but unfortunately, all smaller boats have been rented out to other tourists who arrived earlier than us. So the boat given to us is a bigger one and can carry 20 passengers. Rent is Php 1500 only for the whole tour which comprises four islands.

Immediately after paying the boat rental and environmental fee, we were then directed to our boat for the day and depart for island hopping. Our deal was to stop at two islands and pass by two other islands of our choice. First on the route is Cowrie Island but we decided to just pass by it since we are really aiming for Pandan Island wherein we can order food for lunch.

Next to Cowrie Island is Pandan Island but along the way, our boat suddenly stopped in the middle of the sea. Of course I panicked thinking that our boat malfunctioned or something but then the boyfriend said “wow!” and when I looked in the water, I see corals and various marine life surrounding the boat. If only it is allowed and IF ONLY I am confident with my swimming skill, I might have asked the boat men to let us swim even just for a short while.

After feasting our eyes on such beauty, we then proceeded to Pandan Island. Upon arrival, we paid for our entrance fee which is Php 100 per head and shed rental of Php 400. You will never be hungry when you are in Pandan Island. Apart from its restobar, guests can also order food from the mini wet market or talipapa manned by people in the community. When you buy fish, crabs and other seafood as well as rice, they will even cook it for you without extra charge. I am so glad that apart from enjoying delicious meals, we were able to help the community as well by patronizing their products.

Fish for sale per kilo

Pandan Island. Look at the fishes!
At around 2:00 pm, we resumed our island hopping tour and we passed by Starfish Island and Pambato Reef before going to our last stop which is Luli Island. It is named Luli, a portmanteau of Filipino words lulubog(sink) and lilitaw (appear) because part of the island disappears when its high tide and appears when its low tide. For some reason, the use of life vest is mandatory in this island. Entrance fee is Php 60. We travelled back to the wharf from here.

Starfish Island
Luli Island
Tricycle rental is Php 700 for the four of us. I didn’t use my haggling skills to use because I think these drivers deserve more.

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