Signed Mitch Albom Book

What would you feel if you are holding a book that the author himself held?

Last week, my good friend who is based in Cebu asked me through Skype if I got the package he sent. He said he sent me (along with two other friends) Mitch Albom’s The First Phone Call from Heaven. Knowing that Mitch Albom was in Cebu and knowing my friend’s madness when it comes to books, I expected that it is signed by the author and truly IT IS!

The thought of it having been held by the author himself makes me giddy. Now I know how those celebrity fans feel when their idols wave at them or shake hands with them. LOL!
Apart from it being signed, I love the book because I can sort of relate to the story having lost two of the most important men of my life, my father and my only brother. The book tells of how people in a certain town started to get phone calls from dead people and how these calls affected the lives of not only the people who are recipient of calls but also everyone who wants to contact their dearly departed. I so can relate because there are times when I wish there is a way for me to communicate with my father and my brother.

Anyway, going back to the book, I would like to thank my friend for this gift. Go show him so love at Kernel’s Corner. Befriend him, we tends to give away books from his collection. LOL! Apart from books, he also blogs about movies and music.


  1. Congrats for having this one, sis. I haven't read the book yet but it's on my to-read list. :)

  2. Wow. I just read you're post. I loved the book as well and devoured it the moment Mitch Albom signed it (we had a very short yet memorable meet and greet) and I can relate with the story since we've almost the same story...

    Thanks for the shout out.