Summer Activities for Bloggers

Summer is here! This time of the year is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting times for students because summer means no assignments, no waking up early, no pressure to pass the exam and so on. Summertime is vacation and relaxation time for them unless of course they are required to take summer classes for some reasons.

Unfortunately to a full time employee who happens to be a blogger at night, summer is like any other day. The daily grind continues but with a bit less traffic since there are less people hurrying to get to their destinations.

While we cannot freely take weeklong vacations, there are ways to make summer fun for busy-buddies like me.

Weekend getaway. To a full time office employee who works 8 hours a day, five times a week, a weekend getaway is never impossible. An overnight in a resort in another town or island is not impossible. Not only you will enjoy your moment with nature but you will also have potential content for your blog. People nowadays turn to internet for information on almost everything so someone will definitely find your post helpful. Just remember to take lots of blog-worthy pictures (which I sometimes forgot to do especially if I am enjoying the place) and be as detailed as possible with your information such as the resort’s amenities, activities best done there, food and how to get to the place. You can also include their contact information to make things easy for future guests. I’m sure the resort management will thank you for it. Who knows, the next time you visit, they might give you discount.

My go-to summer year-round destination for weekend getaways is the Island of Guimaras as it’s just 15-minute boat ride away from Iloilo City, accessible by public transportation and most of all, it houses so many beautiful white sand beaches. You can head to Villa Igang Resort for their diving spots or Nature’s Eye Resort and Cabaling Beach Resort if you just want to laze around.

Join marathon and other sports activities. Summer is the best time to hold sports league such as basketball, volleyball, football and many others. If you are into these sports and they have senior division, your age is allowed or there is no age limit at all, why not join the fun? You will not only able to exercise those sleeping muscles but you will gain new friends too. Marathons and fun runs usually happen year-round and there’s definitely more during summer. You can also blog these activities and if the event is organized by companies, you can even send them the link to your blog post and hopefully they will share it to their followers/readers. That’s additional exposure for you!

Learn a new outdoor skill. Summer is the best time to learn various outdoor skills or start a hobby such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing and swimming. While one can learn how to swim any time of the year, I think it is more fun to learn during summer… when it is hot outside and all you wanna do is immerse yourself in the water. You can then share your experience to others and you can even give tips you learned along the way.

Road trip. With a (loaded) car, a map and the desire to explore new places you haven’t been to, road trip is one of the easiest activities to do during summer. Go to that seaside restaurant you have been wanting to visit, check out the old mansions in the city or do your own version of Visita Iglesia especially now that it’s Lenten season. Doing so can also give way to new discoveries such as a small nipa hut along the highway selling delicious delicacy or a community of indigenous people or ethnic group working on various crafts as their livelihood. Indeed, the possibility is endless when you step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

We, full time employees and part time bloggers may not have the luxury of time to do all the activities we wanted to do but with time management and proper planning, we surely can make our summer fun. Besides, we have one advantage over students; we have our own money to burn so whatever leisure activity we do is more gratifying. :D

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