42nd Paraw Regatta Festival

I have been living in Iloilo since birth but this year is the first time that I experienced Paraw Regatta Festival. Yes, it took me more than 25 years before finally deciding to see what this festival offers to everyone.

Paraw Regatta is an annual sailing festival held in Villa Arevalo, Iloilo. The festival showcases, outrigger sailboats with colorful sails. The festival happens every February and it fell on the 23rd of the month this year.
The shore and contestants minus the crowd.
We arrived at Villa Beach a bit early thus giving us time to eat breakfast in one of the restaurants along the beach. Arriving there early also gave us opportunity to take pictures of the sailboats without the crowd and having to compete with them for the most photogenic angle. :D

Paraws up close

These two foreigners (topless and the one wearing orange shirt) are probably part of the crew.
The race started two hours after we arrived at the venue. I was amazed at how fast a sailboat can move and how smart the crews are. I mean, it’s just powered by wind yet they can get the boat to head towards the direction they desire. Brilliant! (Please forgive my hype up reaction, it’s my first-time, remember?)

The crowd from afar.

The drone arrived a bit late.
We were not able to stay long enough until the sailboats arrive because it is getting really hot and we are already tired after walking around and standing for hours. After the boats in the last category took off, we proceeded to a nearby restaurant (famous Tatoy’s restaurant) to eat our lunch and then went back to city proper for our other engagement for the day.

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