Balaan Bukid Shrine, Guimaras

If it is a holiday and the weather is fine, scorching even… what ones gotta do?

The bf and I went to Balaan Bukid last Wednesday, April 9, a regular holiday in the Philippines to commemorate the fall of Bataan during WW II. A few minutes away from Jordan Wharf, the Balaan Bukid (Sacred Mountain) is located in Balcon Meliza, Jordan Guimaras. It was discovered by an Italian priest in 1956 and is now managed by the Parish of St. John the Baptist. Devout Catholics flock to this place and endure hiking through the rocky trail for a pilgrimage on the 14 stations of Jesus Crucifixion.
One of the 14 stations located along the trail.
Shaded part of the trail.
The timing was perfect for us since it is Lenten season but without the crowd since we went there a week before the Holy Week. After more or less 30-minute hike, we arrived at the top with only the caretaker around, fixing something on the roof. In other words, we have the silence, the view of Guimaras and Iloilo from across the sea and photo ops all to ourselves. Less than an hour after, other people started to arrive as well.

Chapel facade
This cross can be seen from various parts of Iloilo City.
We started our hike back to the starting point a few minutes before 9 am and by that time, the sun is already up.

How to get there:

  1. Take a pump boat from Ortiz Port to Jordan Wharf (Php 14/person) and then ride a tricycle to Balaan Bukid (Php 20/person). The tricycle stops right at the foot of the hill where Station 1 of the way of the Cross is so there is nothing to worry about getting lost. You will also be asked to register for record purposes. Entrance is free!
  2. Take a tricycle again to go back to the wharf.
view of Iloilo City


  • Use comfortable yet sturdy footwear. This is not the best time to wear those cute ballet flats or strappy sandals. It will only end up ruined or worse; will cause you injury especially when passing the rocky terrain.
  • Bring drinking water.
  • Bring umbrella, hat or other protective clothing especially when hiking midday or early afternoon.
  • Ask the contact number of the tricycle driver who brought you there so you can contact him to fetch and take you back to the wharf in case you can’t find one in the area especially during regular days.
  • You may want to schedule your trip there on a first Saturday of the month since a mass is held there on that day.

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