High Mountain View Resort, Igbaras

From Nadsadjan and the mountains surrounding it, we moved to another mountain located before the Igbaras town proper. This one is not as rugged as the other one though since it has been developed already and is now called High Mountain View Resort.

Owned by Eliseo Javellosa, High Mountain Resort is located in Brgy. Jovellar, Igbaras, Iloilo. The resort has two swimming pools, the one in the lower area which is 4 ½ ft deep and the one at the summit is 6 ft deep. The rooms, which are so far from each other are not actually “just rooms” but guest house. The guest house we got is the one that is good for 4 people although we are seven in the group. It has two rooms; the one in the upper portion can accommodate 4 or 5 while the lower room can accommodate 2 or 3 persons. But since we love each other so much (or we’re just too scared to sleep in the smaller room downstairs) we decided that the seven of us sleep together in the bigger room.
The wood cottage ideal for two persons (Photo credit)
I love that the resort ensures that guests get utmost privacy since guest houses are far from each other. The resort also has a restaurant so food is not a problem when you decide to stay for a night or two. Aside from swimming, one can also experience zip line ride for Php 200.

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(Photo credit)
Restaurant (Photo credit)
During the time we went there, we were the only guests staying for the night so it was really peaceful. Additionally, we were so tired from our Nadsadjan trip that by 9:00 pm, we were all asleep.

How to get there:

From Iloilo City Supermarket (Igbaras terminal), take a jeepney bound for Igbaras. Fare is Php 50 and travel time takes one and a half hour. Ask the driver or conductor to drop you at High Mountain View Resort.
Guess what? (Photo credit)
Upper pool during sunrise (Photo credit)
Stuff for zipline (Photo credit)


  • When planning for an overnight stay, place your reservation ahead of time.
  • Bring everything you need such as toiletries, medicine and other supplies. There is no store in the area. You can ask the resort if they have what you need but the choices could be limited.
View from the top (Photo credit)

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