Kang Byeon Riverside Restaurant at Times Square

Though I consider myself a foodie, there are some cuisine and restaurants in the city I haven’t tried yet. Yes, I haven’t been to a Korean restaurant before though there exists a few near me. I am more on Italian cuisine (pizza and pasta monster here!) and of course our very own Filipino cuisine.

When the guy said that we try Korean restaurant this time, I immediately agreed because I am curious about their dishes and how everything works the Korean way. Of all the Korean restaurants in the city, we chose Kang Byeon Riverside Restaurant located at Times Square (in front of University of San Agustin) since it is easily accessible.

One thing I love about this resto is its location - beside the Iloilo River. So if you sit beside the window; the river, the mangroves, the building behind the mangroves, the Jalandoni bridge and the sunset (if you happen to go there late in the afternoon) will comprise your view.

Sushi (Php 150) and complimentary foods
Japanese noodle soup (250)
We ordered sushi and Japanese noodle soup (We went to Korean restaurant and we ordered Japanese foods!). The sushi is perfect while the Japanese noodle soup is so-so. I love the noodle itself but the taste in general is okay, nothing extraordinary. There is even an ingredient I am not too happy about. I think its dried cow skin.. but I can’t be sure.

To sum it all up, the restaurant is winner in ambiance as it is not too crowded, with nice views (or at least better than most restaurants in the city) and easily accessible even by public transportation. The food however is just alright, unless of course if you really love Korean foods big time.

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  1. nice review sweetie :) would love to visit this place one day :) my husband's family is from iloilo.