Birthday... and Trading!

Ever since I learned about stock trading, I have always wanted to try it. Like other ideas or projects I am about to pursue, I felt hopeful about it (naturally!). However, since I was too young at that time, I didn’t take it seriously thinking that no one in the stock market will take me seriously as well. And besides, finding a reputable stock trader is too tedious of a task for a young lady like me so that dream remained a dream for years.

More than a year ago, I was introduced to BPITrade, BPI’s online trading platform, and my dream of getting my hands into stock trading was reawakened. I researched heaps about it and processed my application. A few days after I submitted my application to a BPI branch near my office, I got an email asking me to submit a government-issued ID since I only submitted my company ID. Since my government-issued IDs that time were expired if not damaged or contain spelling error, my stock trading dreams took a back seat once again.

It took me one year (who has time and patience to deal with government offices?) to fix the necessary documents and finally activate my account. It was supposed to be my birthday gift to myself last year but since it didn’t come into fruition, I made sure to activate my account before June 2014, in time for this year’s birthday and made my first ever stock purchase on my birthday. Sweet!

I find buying stocks more addicting than buying shoes or bags maybe because I am hoping to gain from it in the future. I am so eager to add more to my portfolio but I still have to eat and pay the bills in addition to a big milestone that will happen to my life in a few months so I can only add a small amount to my “shopping money” every pay day.

Nevertheless, I’m just happy with the gift I have always wanted to give myself for years. Cheers to more birthdays, more knowledge about trading… and yes, more profits! :D

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