Stronger, Costlier… My New Acne Medication

Pimples are annoying! They are often out to ruin a good day. And what makes them more annoying is the fact that you spent heaps on medication, let you experience temporary relief and after you loosen a bit on your regimen, they’re back with a vengeance. Raging, red and plain ugly!

After weeks of contemplating whether or not to go back to my derma (you know I always feel hopeful that my pimples will go away on their own), I finally gave in and poured my heart out to her. Well not really, I just voiced out my frustration over these recurring monsters.

During my previous treatments, she prescribed my doxycycline, any brand. But this time, she moved me to lymecycline, specifically Tetralysal. Ouch because Tetralysal costs Php 88 at Mercury (Php 83 at Erin’s Family Pharmacy). I need to take the med once a day for 14 days. She also prescribed Epiduo (Adapalene + benzoyl peroxide). As I see it (based on threads I read on forums), Adapalene is already a higher form of acne medication. It should be applied on the face twice or thrice a week only (maybe because it is indeed strong). One small tube costs Php 1200 from her (Php 1280 from Mercury and Php 1155 at a local drugstore I mentioned above). Additionally, I’m also on anti-acne bar and clarifying toner from her own formulation.
While the medicines are expensive, I have seen improvements three days into this regimen. The occurrence of new pimples lessened, the existing ones heal faster and whiteheads/blackheads are easier to get rid of.

It also helps that I have someone guarding what I eat. LOL! My derma gave me (again!) a list of foods I need to avoid and yes, the bf checked it. Now, he is the one reminding me that a particular food I want to eat is off limits. :D

It’s been a week since I started this new regimen and so far things are going the way I want it. One more week and I’m off of this medication.

I’m also seeing my OB/Gyne to find out if my acne hormonal. I will talk about it on a different post.


  1. Hi just found your blog when i was searching Sunskeen. do you still use it? how's your acne battles now? btw, I'm also an adapalene user and frequents a dermatologist.

  2. Hi thepilot!

    Thank you for reading my post. I am no longer using sunskeen, not because it is not working but because I wanted to explore other products as well.

    With regards to my pimple, I am no longer battling it like before, just one or two from time to time. My problems now are pimple scars, blackheads and large pores. But I think, better them than those annoying pimples.

    How long have you been battling your acne?

  3. Hello sis. Can you also tell nw what foods to avoid? :) Currently reading some of your blogs. ☺