June Finds

Half of the year is gone! Whew! I have been very busy lately thus explains the scarcity of my posts. Not only I have limited time to spare for my blog but it seems like I am also running out of topics to post. My creative juices probably went into hiding when serious matters (like earning a living) took over my brain. LOL! And I’m afraid things will remain the same until August or September. Hopefully, things, or at least my blogging activities, will go back to normal when the time comes.

My battle with acne isn’t over yet. During the early days of June, I became quite frustrated with my face (and rebellious with my dermatologist) that I decided to try something I haven’t used before.
  1. St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion (Oatmeal & Shea Butter). It’s not the first time that I used a St. Ives lotion but it’s a first time for this variant. I love its scent! It’s indeed soothing, and more...
  2. Garnier Pure Active Multi-action Scrub. This is what I was referring to above. I bought this on impulse, out of frustration of my face. So how do I find it? You’ll know when I review this product soon.
  3. Lauat Herbal Hair Treatment Shampoo. Here at Rural Dame, I have been vocal about my hair problems (falling hair, dry hair, etc) hence my attempt to find a better shampoo shouldn’t come as a surprise. After a few bottles of Nanny Rose’s Gugo Lawat Shampoo, I decided to try this one hoping for it to be better and more effective.
  4. Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. Ever since the attack of the killer pimples, I minimized and eventually stopped using blush on, foundation and pressed powder of any kind. Most of the time, I would just apply a thin concealer over my acne scars. But at some point, I see the need to use foundation for me to look a bit polished especially when attending events hence I decided to buy this.

Not in the picture:

Clarifying Liquid (Dermatologist). This is one of the meds I got from my dermatologist. I am using this twice a day (morning and night) after washing my face with acne bar which I also got from her.

Epiduo (Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide). I have been reading about adapalene and benzoyl peroxide on acne forums but I haven’t read about this particular product. I was kinda hesitant to get this because of some negative reviews but I promised myself to obey what my dermatologist is telling me to do so I bought along with my other medication.

I will definitely review these products but I just have to find time to do so.

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