Dandruff be gone with Lactacyd Baby Bath

I started suffering from mild dandruff early this year. Since it is mild and I'm not a big fan of expensive chemical-filled products, I decided to treat it with natural remedies. During weekends, I would usually massage my scalp with calamansi and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. Afterwhich, I would rinse it with water mixed with baking soda and then finish it off with conditioner as baking soda is very drying to the hair. With this remedy, my hair remains itch-free for at least three days so in other words, I need to do the procedure twice a week to ensure that my scalp remains itch-free throughout the week. That is not convenient to me given my workload so I started looking for something else. I have tried using a couple of organic shampoos (Nanny Rose’ Gugo & Lawat Shampoo and Lauat Herbal Hair Treatment Shampoo) available in department stores but seems like they are not enough to help me with my problem so my search continues until I remembered reading the label of Lactacyd Baby Bath that it is recommended to those with seborrhea (dandruff).

I bought a small bottle and put it on trial right away. I ditched my shampoo and wash my hair with this paying attention to my scalp. I let it stay for around a couple of minutes, rinse and then apply conditioner while avoiding the scalp. Take note that this is not a miracle cure so result may not be seen after one use. The result is actually gradual. It takes a few washes before the result is seen and it even took more than one small bottle before I became dandruff-free.
While Lactacyd is helpful with my dandruff issues, it is not helping me with my hair fall problems so a couple of weeks after I became dandruff-free, I gradually switched to Human Heart Nature Strengthening Conditioner and I’m glad that I did. My hair is now softer, less frizzy and falling hair significantly decreased. As of this writing, I still use Lactacyd Baby Bath to wash my hair but just once or twice a week as a preventive measure.

I am glad that I have found the right products for my hair issues. I hope that these products continue to work so that I can have that healthy hair I once have. And with problem-free hair, I can finally make that digi-perm dream come true.

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