September Finds

No, you don’t have to wake me up! I’m wide awake the whole month of September. LOL! To those who do not get it, that is in reference to Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Third quarter of 2014 is over and we’re approaching the last quarter which is also the busiest (at least for me). The months of August and September were busy enough for me so what more when October, November and December come? I may not have time to fart anymore. LOL! Anyway, since it is the end of the month once more, it’s time for another "finds" post. Below is the list of my September finds:
  1. Glamworks Charcoal Nose Strip. This isn’t my first time to use a nose strip and not even a first time to buy Glamworks since I have used the classic/original variant in the past. I find this charcoal variant intriguing so I went for it this time.
  2. Epilady Speed Epilator. I have always wanted to get an epilator since waxing at home can be quite tedious. But finding an epilator in my city is almost like finding a needle in a huge pile of hay so it took me a long time to get one for myself. LOL! I had this for a month and have been using it almost every week.
  3. Hair Fix Keratin Straight. I rarely use stuff such as this now because my hair have become less frizzy ever since I switched to natural shampoo and conditioner. However, I wanted to look a bit polished during the wedding of a friend so I got this hoping that it will make my hair more manageable.
  4. Shawill brush. I wanted to buy a retractable brush for hygienic purposes (especially when I travel) but somehow wind up to getting this. I have used this less than five time only and I am not sure whether I love this or not. :D
  5. GT Bleaching Soap. I was looking for an exfoliating soap but I also wind up to getting this, somehow - one of the many moments wherein I planned to buy something then end up buying a different thing.

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