App Review: Period Calendar for Android

For someone like me who’s monthly period is out of whack, using a period tracker can be very helpful. It helps you keep track of your period in an efficient way, predicts when the next period will be as well as ovulation, which is really helpful when you are trying to conceive.

But with so many applications available, both for Android and Apple users, choosing which one to download and use can be confusing. As for me, I am using the Period Calendar/Tracker by Abishkking. I have been using it for three years already and I couldn't be more contented with it. It does more than just track your period and ovulation. The app has a lot of added features that you will never have to use many other apps. With this app, you can input or record your mood for the day, symptoms you feel (can be helpful when something happens to you days after), your weight and even dates you had sexual intercourse.
Photo credit: Abishkking
This app predicts your next period, ovulation and fertile days by consolidating the dates of your previous periods. With this app, it can be easy for you to determine the number of days in that particular cycle. Another feature of this app which I love is the pill reminders. All you have to do is add your pill data including name, number of days to be taken and rest days, if necessary. You will also be prompt to tick the box if the pill needs to be taken everyday and input the first pill for this cycle. After which, you can set the time when the reminder should occur. I benefited from this during the time I was taking my contraceptive pills. I never missed a single pill in five months!

Photo credit: Abishkking
When you are pregnant, you can also choose that setting and it will stop the next period prediction and will instead show your expected delivery. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on this further as I haven’t been pregnant yet. I will just update this post when the time comes. I hope it’s sooner! ;)

Using this app is not just easy, it is also pleasing to the eyes with its girly theme, You can also back up the data to your email to secure the information 

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