Siquijor Tourists Spots in One Day

(All photos belong to Michael Sabido, unless otherwise stated.)

It’s been two weeks since our Dumaguete - Siquijor rendezvous and the “high” I usually get when traveling is already waning. So before I forget the details about our trip, I am making this entry now not just for future travelers looking for information but also for myself, to remind me what took place and the beautiful spots we’ve been to in this island.

The day after we arrived in the island is our scheduled tour or what the local drivers call coastal tour. The tour involves going around the island in just one day. We circled Siquijor in just one day, like we did in Camiguin. Well, the island isn’t that big thus made it possible for everyone to visit the tourists spot in just one day even if they are scattered throughout the island. From the resort where we are staying in Solangon, San Juan, below is the list of the places we visited.

Capilay Spring Park

This was our first stop shortly after we left Coral Cay Resort. There is nothing spectacular about this resort except the water filling the huge pool comes from the spring somewhere in this pool. Since it was a weekday, there’s no other tourist aside from us. Our driver said that it is okay to swim in the pool but we opted not to as the water is not that inviting although we know that they’re clean since they’re flowing, not stagnant. Besides, it is kinda awkward (at least for me) to swim in an outdoor pool located in the heart of the town. It is not even enclosed in a fence to provide swimmers a little bit of privacy, away from the eyes of motorists. This one is a public place so entrance is free of charge.

Century-old Balete Tree

Our next stop was the famed century-old balete tree. While researching online about the tourists spots in the island, I was kinda hesitant to visit this particular area because I thought it is located deep in the forest that would require us to hike a creepy path but that is not that case. The site is conveniently located along the highway and it is actually far from creepy. The tree is indeed huge and the dipping pool is filled with fishes where you can avail their “fish spa”.  Like the Capilay Spring Park, there is no spectacular view or activity here but since it is popular (and probably a Siquijor trip is not complete without this), might as well drop by for a few minutes and enjoy the moment with the fishes. This is located in the town of Lazi.

Lazi Church and Convent

Also known as San Isidro Labrador Parish Church, the church with its huge convent is made with coral stones and hardwood. It is also part of the National Cultural Treasure and is also nominated for UNESCO World Heritage. The upper portion of the convent houses the Siquijor Heritage Museum and the ground floor serves as school for local children.

Cambugahay Falls

From the highway, getting to the falls probably took us 10 minutes, or less. I love it here! The falls aren’t too high like the other waterfalls I have seen but they are wider and the water is more beautiful. There are lots of shallow area also so a non-swimmer like me can enjoy.

Sta. Maria Church

After having our lunch at Maria Public Market food court, we went to Sta. Maria Church just across the street. Also called Our Lady of Divine Providence Church, the church is also old but less crowded. I was hoping to see the statue of St. Rita of Cascia as they have a huge one here but unfortunately, statues of saints are temporarily hidden as Holy Week is approaching.

Salagdoong Beach

This beach is managed by the local government and since they charge minimal entrance fee, it is often crowded especially during weekends. This is where the 20 and 15-feet jumping/diving sites are located but when we were there, nobody dared to take the plunge. The beach is indeed lovely here like what we see in the pictures but it appears too exploited for me. Aside from the jumping sites they erected, the government also constructed a slide that is not operational anymore for reasons unknown to me. They also constructed concrete stairs in the beach area probably to serve as breakwater and prevent the water from reaching the area where the huts are located. The waves are a bit strong when we were there (and I’m not sure if it is usually like that) so this isn’t for non-swimmers like me. Also, if you are looking for a quiet place by the beach to relax, I don’t recommend this beach because as what I have said, it is often crowded.

Guiwanon Spring Park

On our way to Siquijor Church and port (to inquire about our transport going back to Dumaguete), we dropped by Guiwanon Spring Park located along Siquijor Circumferential Road. The park, with tall mangroves around, is a protected area according to our driver. There are old tree houses that they said can accommodate two persons for an overnight stay and even a larger one that appears to be a function area but I don’t think they are still operational as they look rundown.

Siquijor Church

Located just a stone’s throw away from the port, this is where the “Welcome to Siquijor” sign is located. Across it is the Siquijor church but we didn’t get inside as my companions are no longer interested.

Souvenir Shops

Every trip is not complete without a visiting some souvenir shops. We actually went to two shops; the first one is near the Siquijor Port and the other is a few minutes drive away. 

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