Discovery: Salonpas Makeover

While doing household chores many nights ago, one wrong move triggered my lower back pain that prevented me from moving freely without the pain. The pain lasted until the next day and a co-worker suggested that I apply Salonpas to it. I felt silly because I haven’t thought of Salonpas while thinking of what to apply to my back to alleviate the pain.
So after work, I went to Watsons (SM Delgado branch) to buy a packet of Salonpas. After taking a shower when I arrived home, I opened the packet expecting to see the old white patch I used to see on my grandmother’s back and sometimes apply on my mother’s back as well. But alas! I was surprised to see the skintone and more stretchable patch. So when did they start creating this?

For some reason, this discovery made me happy that I decided to blog about it. LOL! (shallow, I know). And I’m even happier that it is indeed effective for my back is already pain-free just after one application. Overnight remedy! Now, I just have to incorporate exercise back to my regimen to prevent more back (or any other body parts) pain.

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