12 Weeks To Go!

28 down, 12 more weeks to go! It’s amazing that my pregnancy has gotten this far without blunders and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. Now, my third and final trimester has started. I have started gathering the necessary baby stuff as early as 15 weeks of gestation but I have not started packing yet. My folks suggested that I should be ready by now though of course we want that I deliver full term.

Pants, onesie and bib set from our friends

Like any first timers, I can’t help but feel excited yet afraid at the same time. Afraid not of the pain caused by labor or birthing but afraid that something may go wrong - that I may not be able to do NSD or my baby will have to stay at the hospital longer or if I cannot breastfeed. Good thing, the husband has been so supportive and he keeps on motivating me that I can do it. Indeed, it is important to have a strong support system during pregnancy for it strengthens you physically and emotionally.

At this point, the baby is now active inside mama’s tummy. Well, he has been since around 17 weeks but it just felt like bubbles back then. This time, his activity is regular and kicks are stronger that I and his father can see him move. His movement can be uncomfortable for me at times but I’d rather have that discomfort than not feel him move the whole day at all. It makes me panic!

The 12-week waiting game is a short period to some but to people concerned, it seems to take forever. If only I can fast forward the days so that I can have him in my arms now, I might have done so already but then there’s nothing I can do about it. The best thing for me to do is wait patiently and enjoy the moment for I know I will be missing this little boy moving inside my tummy after he comes out in April.

To all pregnant moms out there, yes we can do it! And to those who are still trying to conceive, never lose hope. God will give it to you when it’s time. ;)

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