10 Things February

This month, I am starting a new series called "10 Things" in which I will be listing articles, blog posts or any site I find helpful, entertaining or anything that caught my fancy.

Since I am into improving my blog’s stats and eventually earning potentials, majority in the list for this month is about blogging.

1. Etsy
This is the Etsy shop where I got my current blog template. I love that all the features listed in the sales page are fully functional. The purchase comes with complete documentation and if the help provided by the document is not enough, you can always contact the developer. The support is impressive, unlike the other developer whom I got the other template from.

I find this post enlightening and reminds me to never settle for anything less.

In this post, Meg (the blogger) mentioned a few sites where one can find sponsored partnerships, ads and affiliate marketing.

As the title implies… this is a great reminder for bloggers so they will be able to improve their online presence (and manners!). 

I know I may never earn as much as she does but even just 1/10 of it is enough for me. LOL!

Number one reason is sooo me. The rest, I can relate too!

Of course, the list will never be complete without pregnancy topic.

This one is a Philippine-based forum. I’ve been a member for years though I wasn’t a regular poster until I became pregnant. Nowadays, I visit the forum especially the Pregnancy and Childbirth board every single day.

Baby Center is a US-based forum so the threads and responses are not always applicable to me, nevertheless, I love reading other pregnant women’s experiences because I can usually relate.

And a few random things.

Random read I came across my Facebook timeline.

I love the values these parents instill in their child. They expose them to the world, particularly the plight of the poor. This is something I want to do and teach my kids someday.

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