Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Love is not measured by material things alone. There can be so many ways to show a woman how much you love her aside from showering her with material gifts. More often, a woman would be content with attention and time spent with them but at some point, giving them something tangible is in order. Consider, for example, a pregnant woman who is having a hard time with her pregnancy. The mood swings and physical changes can affect every pregnant woman so why not do something to at least alleviate the negative effects they are feeling?

Since Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, give that woman in your life with something they’d be thankful for. Here are some gift ideas for your pregnant wife, sister or friend...

Pregnancy Pillow
Aside from fluctuating hormones, back pains and other discomforts make sleeping a struggle. And being pressured to get enough sleep for the sake of the baby makes it all frustrating. A lot of women suffering from pregnancy insomnia claim to find relief by using pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy Band/Belt
Pregnant belly can get heavy starting from the end of second trimester until giving birth. Thus sleeping and moving around can be very difficult. This problem can be remedied by pregnancy bands and belts such as below.

One great gift for a pregnant woman is to make it possible for her to preserve her pregnancy memories through maternity photoshoot. Hire a photographer for the session or if you are into photography, schedule a shoot with her. You can get theme ideas from Pinterest and of course you can always use your creativity for more personalized concept.

Gift Card
If you're not sure what to give, your safest option is a gift card. Buy one from her favorite store and give her the freedom to choose what she wants. SM Department Stores are selling gift cards in 500, 1000 and 2000 denominations.

Have you ever given a pregnant woman a gift? Care to share your ideas?

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