July Recap

The month of July has ended and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead for us this August. This month is a special month for our little family since we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary as married couple and 7th anniversary of being together. But, let's leave that topic for later since this post is about the month that has ended.

  • My little boy is becoming more active everyday. He has mastered the art of walking and in a few weeks time, I'm sure he will be able to learn how to run. This boy always keeps mama on her toes!
  • We bought him a push trike to make our afternoon (or morning!) strolls less of a struggle for mama. But for some reason, he doesn't want to ride it at times. 😕
  • I had a health scare a couple of weeks ago. A painful lump appear on my right breast and got my paranoid. I went for a breast ultrasound and the sonologist said that it doesn't need surgery but I just have to keep an eye to it for changes. I consulted a surgeon and she explained to me in detail the nature of a woman's breast and that I shouldn't be worrying over it. What a relief!
  • I've been doing good with my posts in this blog. I was able to post at least twice a week every week for the whole month of July. Having an active toddler while working-from-home made it hard, but yeah, it's possible. Now, I need to work around my schedule to give my other site equal attention.
  • I have decided what camera model to buy but it's not available in my city so my only option is to order online and have it shipped to my address. Got to find out how to fund it though. 😄 Also, I'm leaning on buying a brand new because we find it hard to trust second hand gadgets.
  • I ordered a book from BookDepository and became a Book Depository affiliate. I have yet to receive the book though. It should be here by next week.
So that's it for now! 

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