New Ride: Toy Kingdom's Family Mini Trike

A few weeks ago, we bought a trike for my one year and three months old son Lorenzo. I've been meaning to buy a bike/trike for him for the longest time but I was sort of hesitant since I'm not sure if he will actually use it. But having a fairly big boy who weighs more than 10 kilograms, it's a bit of a struggle to carry him around especially if we are not using our baby carrier. Example, if we are going out for our afternoon strolls. I think it is better if we are using something that will give him a better view of the surroundings. We have a Graco stroller he inherited from his cousin but he is no longer keen on using it hence the decision to buy a new ride.

We got this blue and gray trike from Toy Kingdom (Php 2299.00) because I think it got what I want in a trike for my son.

Removable arm rest
This is to protect him from falling off the sit.

with arm rest up

with arm rest down

Removable push controller
Since my son doesn't know how to pedal yet, this push controller is beneficial. I love that I can control the direction of the trike with this controller except when my son is holding the handlebar firmly towards another direction. Also, I love that this controller can be removed when he is already old enough to pedal and no longer needs mama's assistance. Additionally, mama is not required to bend forward when pushing the trike. With this controller, we can go on our journey with less effort on my part.

Removable footrest
This plate prevents his feet from dangling or hitting the ground while the trike is moving. This plate can be removed when his legs are already long enough to reach the pedal.

Rocker setup
This trike can be converted into a rocker (as shown in the picture below).

Made of good quality materials
You know how kids can get rough and careless at times so it is important that the toys are made of good quality materials to withstand hitting, being jumped on... and other forms of "abuse".

20-kg capacity

Useful accessories
This trike comes with accessories including two baskets, two side mirrors and a rubber duck. We use the baskets for our stuff such as water bottles, food, towel, phone and others. The rubber duck and side mirrors are for his entertainment (He kisses his image in the mirror 😣).

If you are looking for an alternative solution to your back pain, this could be it. No need to confine your child inside the house all the time just because he is too heavy and carrying him for hours causes you back pain. This trike can make your afternoon (or morning) strolls more fun, relaxed and less of a struggle for you. This is a mama-approved ride.

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