What Are Your Secrets to a Long Lasting Relationship With Your Loved One?

Every woman who are in a relationship, and even those who are still looking, have one thing in common - that the one they currently have, or the one they are going to find will be their "forever". But finding someone to spend the rest of your life with may not be very easy, more so keeping the relationship last.

Love, of course, is the biggest factor in every relationship. How can you be with the person when love don't exist? Or when love is one-sided? Love should be a mutual feeling for a relationship to last. But being in a long-term relationship and now happily married, I realized that love is NOT THE ONLY element for a long lasting relationship. Couples should have...

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ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECT for each other. It is important for couples to accept and respect each others beliefs, choices and even your partner's pasts. It shouldn't cause a rift when your partner's opinion is different from yours nor can your partner force you to vote for Presidential Candidate A when you believe that Presidential Candidate B is the better choice. Also, respect is earned, not forced so be the best person you can be to earn not just your partner's respect but others' around you as well. Acceptance and respect are always associated with...

UNDERSTANDING. Be open-minded and understand when your partner is not into social media while you, on the other hand, have an account with each socmed site and they're the first thing you check upon waking up and the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep at night. Never force him to share your "cheesiness" nor should you seek validation of his love through Facebook or Instagram posts. By understanding what you think is his "quirkiness", it would be highly possible for you to accept and respect him.

TIME. The more you spend quality time with your loved one, the more you will get to know him/her better. By making time for your loved one, you are cultivating your relationship and ensuring that it will last a lifetime.

We spend time together by traveling.

TRUST, I think, is as important, if not more important than love in a relationship. It is always easier to love a person you trust and it is easy for love to jump out of the window when you do not trust each other. And if you're on the receiving end of the trust, you need to be worthy of that trust too. 

This applies not only to relationships but to the products we use as well. We patronize them not because they are popular but because we TRUST that they deliver what they promise just like the Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner. It promises 15x longer lasting bango and it is indeed being true to its promise based on personal experience. I am therefore seeing a long lasting relationship between my family and Del because of its long lasting bango.

So there! My secret is out! Here's hoping you learn a thing or two from me in keeping your relationship long lasting.

Team Kramer is the ultimate #familygoals. Let's learn from them, not just on how they keep their clothes mabango all day but more importantly, on how they handle their relationship and family life amidst fame and fortune.

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