Review: Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner

When I was younger and still have all the time in the world for beauty regimen, I have tried various toners - Pond's, Celeteque, Nivea, Dickinson Witch Hazel and a few local organic brands. However when I got pregnant until I gave birth, I discarded lots of products and went with the basics - mild cleanser, moisturizer and/or sunscreen. During pregnancy, I wanted to limit the skin care products I use for fear that it may affect my pregnancy thus the simple routine. When I gave birth and had to take care of my child all by myself while the husband is away, I got so busy that I can barely take a bath longer than five minutes, more so follow a strict skin care regimen. No toners or masks but if I am lucky, I can hastily apply moisturizer sometimes.

But now that my husband has decided to leave his office work and started to work-from-home at the same time help me with our child and the chores, I got a little more time for myself. I have started to develop a skin care routine based on my skin type and issues.

I got caught by Kbeauty bug because of all the articles I read online, and besides, acquiring beauty products from Korea is easier now so it's not surprising that I have added this Korean item to my arsenal - the Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner.

I learned about this particular toner through Althea Korea. It has lots of positive reviews without being expensive so I added one to my shopping cart.


A refreshing toner that minimizes the look of large pores

FAST FACTS: Deeply cleanses skin and removes blackheads with Amazon white clay and volcanic ash extract; soothes, hydrates, and nourishes skin with green tree extracts and aloe barbadensis leaf extract; leaves a comfortable feeling with tea tree and lavender extracts; delivers superior pore care with diospyros kaki leaf extract and castanea crena; 5-free formula contains no parabens, talcs, mineral oils, silicones, and artificial dyes
Source: BeautyMNL


Packaging and Appeal. The toner comes in bluish bottle with white screw cap. The label isn't much and looks more like a product formulated by your local dermatologist. While the packaging is simple, I love how Korean products are sealed not just to prevent leakage especially when in transit but more importantly, to prevent contamination.

The toner contains Amazonian white clay which is visible as white powder in the bottle. The powder tends to settle at the bottom on the bottle hence it is recommended to shake the bottle before using the toner.

Effectiveness. I received my order from Althea Korea last May but I started using it first week of June and I wasn't religiously using it back then due to lack of time and I wanted to introduce the toner to my skin gradually. I have started using the toner twice daily only in mid-September and so far I am quite satisfied with the result.

The toner claims to address seven skin issues including:
  1. relaxing skin
  2. moisturizing
  3. nourishing
  4. balancing sebum
  5. pore tightening
  6. sebum removal
  7. blackhead removal

The first three issues, I can attest that Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner indeed delivers. I love how my skin feels well-moisturized and relaxed after application. It doesn't sting nor give my skin that tight feeling, an indication of over-drying. It gives me that healthy, dewy finish after application. However, my face begins to get oily two to three hours after application, more particularly if I use a moisturizing cleanser. I think I need to look for a facial wash that I can partner with this toner.

With regards to its claims about being able to tighten pores, I have to see that result yet. There is no change in the size of my pores however they look cleaner now. It prevents new blackheads from developing although it cannot remove deep-seated ones.

Scent. Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner is lightly-scented, nothing too harsh or overpowering.

Ingredients. This toner contains natural ingredients including Amazon white clay and volcanic ash extract said to clean pores. It also has castanes crenata shell extract and dispyros kaki leaf extract to tighten pores. Tea tree, aloe vera leaf, green tea and lavender extract are also added to this toner.

Price. This toner is on the affordable side since the 300ml bottle only costs around Php 300 in Althea Korea and one bottle may last two to three months with daily use.

Availability. Rire products are not sold locally so I ordered online, straight from Korea through Althea Korea. It is sometimes available in BeautyMNL but it's sold out at the moment.


Packaging & Appeal
Overall Rating

Will I purchase again?
I cannot consider this as my HG toner but if I cannot find a better one, the one that will really control oil, I am definitely repurchasing.


Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner is one of the best toners I have ever tried. It doesn't sting nor made my skin tight or itchy even after first use. It may not totally control my facial oil or remove deep-seated blackheads but I love how it made my skin glow and look healthy especially during the first two to three hours after application. It can be used as calming pack too! One bottle may last two to three months even with daily use so its really worth it. RuralMama recommends! 👍

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