Bi... polar

A few of my friends are witnesses of my mood swing attacks from time to time. Sadly, some of them have even experienced my wrath should I decide to let it out on them.

I know it isn't something that I must be proud of but I do not really intend to feel so down and snappy all of sudden. Most of the time, I really try hard to divert my attention from feeling so down or pessimistic, but I just can't help it. So even if I seem cheerful in the morning, I cannot guarantee that I'll be having the same mood throughout the day because no one knows when my worse will appear.

Being the Ms. Self-diagnose, I searched for some Bipolar tests online to determine if I really have one. I found this Goldberg Bipolar Screening quiz and here's the result:

I got nine points short to serious bipolar disorder. So this explains it! Although online tests are not that credible, I couldn't agree more with my result considering that I answered each question truthfully. Psych help calling!

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