For our Country!

After my stint as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman of our area, I have been very careful about politics because I learned how dirty it can get. But despite that, I an still thankful that I was given the opportunity to experience and enjoy the responsibilities and perks as a government leader. I know I wasn't the best youth leader during our time and I'm amenable that what I did is not enough to make a big change in the lives of our countrymen.

So here, I am doing the best that I can in the hopes of helping our beloved Philippines recover from poverty, corruption and other diseases of the society. We cannot all be leaders but we have the power to choose who would be the next one to lead the nation for a better Philippines - and I believe it's no other than Richard Gordon.

If you can spend hours streaming movies online, why not spare a bit of your time to get to know him? The short time you spared can make a difference...

Here is the list of video links to know more about him.

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