My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend for n years is a married woman now. She is married to no other than her boyfriend, who is also my second cousin, of around seven years.

Theirs is one of my most favorite love stories ever. Teasing them started when they went to the same Catholic Kinder School and even until grade school they were occasionally picked on . But as time goes by, nothing happened between the two of them and even reached the point wherein they both became part of two different relationships.

But indeed, love has its own way of making things happen. They became together when we were in senior high school and they have been inseparable since then. I have been a witness not just of their sweet moments but their quarrels as well. And despite of the many life and relationship challenges, they remain strong because of their love for each other. And in a matter of months, they will soon welcome the newest member of the family - their first child. Knowing them, for sure they'll become great parents.

To Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Paul Soliguen (whew! It takes time to get used to it), congratulations! Thank you for not making me feel out of place when the three of us go out together, for not making me feel lonely because I'm alone and for always being there for me. The many nights you walked me home, the weekly dinners we used to do before, the bottles of beer we empty under the table because we are drunk enough to drink more and the countless other memories I shared with you both - I cannot forget them all! Thank you! Today is another chapter of your life and I really wish you the best. Problems may come but I know you can get through it because you two are tough! I hope you know that I love you. I am looking forward to your church wedding... Hopefully I will gain more weight when the time comes hence I will not look like a walking stick when marching the aisle as part of your entourage (wish!). LOL!

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