Let's Get Physical

Being physically active is one of my goals for this year (gaining weight is my number one goal). But it was only last weekend when I finally managed to wake up early and force myself to go out and get my much needed exercise. I did the walk/run on my favorite street for less that 30 minutes so as not to shock my body since I have not been involved in any strenuous exercise after college.

I have been wanting to run for at least a kilometer first then gradually increase the distance as time goes on. I also wanted to bike around the town and in the neighboring towns in the days to come.

Not that I have lots of weight to shed but I need exercise to keep my heart healthy. I also wanted to sweat the same way I did during our COLT Training in high school (run around the school ten times every Saturday morning) or when we played football during college. In addition, exercise can also help release stress (something I have accumulated for the past three years).

With the activity comes my wish list.

A bike like this one

Running shoes like this (not necessarily pink). I used the Nike footwear finder to determine what type is best for me.Hoping that I can have one of these items in the near future so that staying healthy is much more enjoyable. :)

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