LipTone is Back!

Don't you just hate it when your favorite product is discontinued or out of stock? That's what I felt when I ran out of LipTone by Blistex. I looked for it everywhere but to no avail... and since I need something to dab on my lips, I have no choice but to try other brands and even other products from Blistex. Unfortunately, nothing works for me better than LipTone does. For months, I kept on changing lip balms until... tada! I found one today. I actually dropped by the mall to look for other brands I have not used yet since the one I'm currently using is running out. My heart jumped for joy after seeing a few boxes hanging at the lowest portion of the rack. I wanted to buy two or three but payday is still a few days away and I know I can't just pout my lips if I have no money to pay for my jeepney fare in going to work. (LipTone is actually affordable but I bought other stuff too.)

I love this product because aside from having SPF 15, it has also a slight touch of color that enhances your lip's natural pigment. I can use this alone (especially if I'm running late) or finish it with bolder colors to brighten my face. Although I miss using LipTone, I don't feel sorry for trying other brands because I learned something because of it - using lipstick of bolder colors like hotpink and bloody red.

I am really happy for having LipTone again and I'm sure I'll be using it until its very end. Crossing my fingers that they'll not face out this product. :D

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