Potential Treasures (May)

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  1. Myra Facial Moisturizer
    My first facial moisturizer that doesn’t have sunscreen. Prefer to use this at night only.

  2. Myra VitaFirm Firming Hand and Body Lotion
    200 ml bottle sent by @Myra_Beauty along with other Myra products.

  3. Nivea Visage Deep Pore Control Toner
    I have been wanting to get this but didn’t do so because the only size available is 200 ml bottle which I think is too large if you are just testing a product. But since I am really curious as to how this toner will affect my skin, I finally gave in.

  4. Myra VitaSmooth Shine-free Face Powder with SPF 15
    New powder to try! Got this in natural shade.

  5. Myra VitaMoisture Lip Balm
    Actually, this is my second lip balm from Myra. But the first one I got is cherry, I got vanilla this time.

  6. Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus
    The formulation of this shade is very moisturizing and has glossy finish. It settles on lines though.

  7. Nyx Round Lipstick in Femme
    A coral shade that is more lasting compared to other Nyx Round Lipstick shade.

  8. Nyx Round Lipstick in Black Cherry
    A vampish red shade from Nyx. It’s the first time I got a lipstick shade in this risky color.

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