So I turned 26 the other day. I am always saying this but I will say it again, "time flies so fast!" When I think about my age, I cannot help but wonder what is in store for me in the years to come. I may be permanently employed and earning way more than the minimum wage (LOL!) but I do not feel like growing old doing my current job. Well, that is something I need to figure out in the days to come. :D

Back to my birthday, since it is a day before pay day, I opted for a low-key celebration; hang out with the guy and bonding over dessert with the family. The next day (which is pay day), the guy treated me to one of our favorite restos (Perri Todd's Burger) in the city wherein we ate giant burger and deep-fried potato with crunchy and yummy coating (Todd's Potato). I am so bloated that I almost puke when I burped after eating. LOL!
I've been craving for Todd's Potato days before my birthday.:D
This may not be a grand birthday celebration but having people who makes my special day special is more than enough.

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