Check Your Cosmetics With Cosdna!

I'm “googling” a particular skin care product when I came across,, a site wherein you can check the safety of the ingredients of a particular skin care product. I’m not sure with its reliability because I haven’t seen any review or mention about it and besides, the site doesn’t have that spectacular layout and presentation.

Look at the homepage! It’s bare and even has Chinese (?) text in the upper left portion and ads in the right. The succeeding pages are as bare as the homepage. But we cannot judge a site by its looks, right?

You can input your cosmetic ingredients in these two succeeding pages.

And of course, the forum page with only few threads.

I checked the site’s info through whois and learned that it has expired in 2007 but was updated March this year. So I guess the site’s owner/programmer is probably working on it now. The site’s meta description is:
Cosmetics product ingredient analysis, simply paste cosmetic full ingredients, and known each ingredient risks (comedogenic, irritation and safety) and benefits.
Though I know a little about this site, I believe it can be helpful in spreading awareness about the various ingredients of a product and what each ingredient does. I still have to bring up the topic to some beauty forums to find out more about this site and I'm looking forward to seeing this site develop. :)

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