Review: All Organics Tomato Face and Body Soap

This is not the first All Organics product that I've tried. I once used All Organics Tomato-Lime soap but didn't continue doing so because it caused me breakouts. Because of that, I decided not to use their products anymore so as to avoid future breakouts. But later on, I realized that it isn't right to judge the brand based on one product alone so again, I opened my door to other variants from All Organics.

The first All Organics product I tried after the "breakup" is the Tomato Face and Body soap due to my undying hope that tomatoes and tomato soaps can help address my problems regarding my pores and blackheads. All Organics soaps are rectangular and around half an inch thick. This tomato soap is surprisingly, not red or orange like a real tomato but is in fact cream-colored with small light-orange specks. Probably it's because of other natural ingredients this soap contains or they are not using ripe tomatoes. :D The soap comes in thin yet clear plastic packaging. The narrow band around the soap contains the brand’s logo and product labels.
I have been using this soap variant for a couple of weeks now but a couple of days after I started using, one large and three small pimples appear in my face. But I do not blame the soap entirely because my monthly period is also around that time.

Product Description:
  • When used as a cleanser, tomatoes in the face are fabulous for balancing and maintaining moisture and pH levels while also tightening pores.
  • We use fresh tomatoes extracted to capture all the advantages that tomatoes can offer skin, the Milea's Organic Tomato soap gently cleanses normal to oily skin and provides soothing relief for troubled complexions. It also helps to fight against aging of the skin.
  • The Milea Organic Tomato Soap is 98% natural. It combats sagging skin and unbalanced pH conditions. Your skin will surely love it.


What I like about this product:
Unlike other organic soaps, this doesn't cause stinging sensation even if left on the face for a couple of minutes nor does it make the skin red after washing. It has that light smell too! I love how my skin feels right after washing using this soap. It appears a bit tight but not dry. It closes the pores and makes my skin smooth. You will really feel the difference! It hasn’t caused major breakouts either!

I also use this soap in my stomach area because I have dark spots there due to pimples. After more than a week of continuous use, I noticed that the skin around those dark spots started to peel and lighten a little bit. Could this be the solution to one of my longtime skin problems? I really do hope!

One bar costs Php 70 and when used on face alone may last for more than a month.

What I do not like about this product:
I expected that this soap will help me get rid of my deep-seated blackheads but unfortunately, it’s only good in tightening the pores. But then, it isn’t claiming to address blackhead problems.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! The result has been remarkable so far hence I am motivated to use this for longer period of time.


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